Incase Protective Cover for iPad Review

Today I’m going to give you a review of a case available in Apple stores

 It comes with an iPad stand and the case itself

The case design is prety simple it just a rubber cover. If your hand sweats a lot it can be noticable on the case.The case is pretty easy to put in the ipad and has a very tight fit. It offers great protection. The cover is very firm and the iPad stays in place.One drawback to this is it’s size and weight. If you use the case it will feel very heavy. It’s design also kinda ruined the sexy design of the ipad.

The stand it comes with is a nice extra but it will not be very stable. It is perfect for watching movies or using the iPad as a picture frame but i would avoid playing or touching the device a lot when using the stand

If you want killer protection but don’t mind the weight this is definetly the case for you.I will give it a 4/5 stars.

It comes in black, green, violet, and pink. It cost 39.99 and is available trough their website and apple stores.

Would you sacrifise the the weight for protection put it up on the comments?

iPad Review

Today I’m going to do a review of the iPad, the newest creation of apple.

  The moment you open the box you will see the glossy 9.7 in. touchscreen display dig a little deeper and you will see the quick-start guide with the warranty card and some classic Apple stickers. As you take the manual off you will see the 10w power adapter and the sync cable.

  The iPad has 4 physical buttons namely the sleep/wake button, the screen rotation lock, volume, and the home button. It comes with a bright 9.7 in. multi-touch display just like on the iPhone.

Many argue that it is just a big iPhone and that is the thing it gives you more space from email to games. Unfortunately its very hard to watch movies due it’s glossy screen. The speakers are decent for those who just want to play games. Another issue is charging thru you computer as charging it with a computer will only work if you charge with the ipad on sleep mode

Something very special about the iPad is the custom made A4 chip. Although sometimes safari crashes when I watch lenghty videos. Another problem is the wifi connectivity of the iPad (Apple said they are already on it).

As for gaming there are games like Need for Speed that are full games and as time goes on we should expext more to come. The games i have downloaded rarely crash.

The Safari is nice on the iPad but Apple should consider adding flash

The price for the 16gb, 32gb, 64gb are 499, 599, 699 respectively and for the 3g version will cost you another 130 bucks(they are unlocked).

What do you think about the ipad? Fire up the comments!!!

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